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Disinfo Wars: Bucha and the Mass Slaughter of Truth in Ukraine

By Nicky Reid aka Comrade Hermit

Exile in Happy Valley

Nearly two months into Putin’s NATO provoked but totally illegal invasion of Ukraine and there is still no light at the end of the tunnel, only the rolling fog of war running through an elaborate house of mirrors erected by two of the world’s largest propaganda machines. As the bodies stack up and the refugees flood the capital cities of Eastern Europe, facts remain an increasingly subjective commodity. Everyone has a story to sell, and nobody slings narratives the way Washington and the Kremlin do.

There seems to be three wars raging simultaneously, the one Moscow has constructed, the one Washington has constructed, and the truth which seems to become more elusive with each passing second as it becomes obscured beneath the overlapping blanket of shadows created by the first two. The First World War was fought in the trenches, the Second World Was fought in the skies, and if this nasty little thing keeps growing, the Third World War will be fought in the newsrooms, a full-blown disinformation war that threatens to become a genocide against facts and anything even mildly resembling objectivity.

Russia’s disinformation seems relatively obvious to most Western eyes. Vladimir Putin and his coterie of tinpot deep state wonks would have you believe that this five-alarm dumpster fire that NATO lured them into like children into a flaming van driven by strangers with candy is going exactly according to plan, that every massive misfire and total fuck up are actually carefully thought-out maneuvers on a chessboard that only Putin comprehends.

According to this sordid lot of social media D-listers, Russia’s most calamitous clusterfuck since the Afghan Trap isn’t even a war, it’s a “Special Operation” fought to prevent a genocide against Ukraine’s ethnic Russians by bombing the shit out of Ukraine’s ethnic Russians. The sad reality that many of my fellow Russophiles across the globe continue to struggle to contend with is that so far, the greatest achievement of Putin’s neocon-esque hissy fit has been rallying yesterday’s Antimaidan partisans around an embattled NATO quisling state as they greet Russian tanks with Molotov cocktails.

With all that being said, it is of the utmost importance for Westerners, especially Americans, to recognize that the narrative that we’ve been force fed by our own supposedly unbiased corporate media is all the product of a concerted State Department campaign to manufacture consent which makes the lies that paved the road to Bagdad look like a goddamn nursery rhyme by comparison. The narrative of a totally one-sided Russian onslaught against the last vestiges of the free world is every bit as fictional as Putin’s Special Operation in Ukraine.


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