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Tulsi Gabbard PRAISES GOP For Pulling Out Of Presidential Debates

It’s hilarious how Kyle and his fans have no clue as to what Tulsi’s end game is. If you follow her career, it’s obvious that the one consistency is that she is a Hindu nationalist who wants an alliance between the West and Hinduism against Islam. And as a half-Samoan Hawaiian, she has a more Asian view of geopolitical relations than a Western one. She’s very consistently anti-Islam. For instance, she’s opposed to Iran, Saudi Arabia, Erdogan, the Taliban, Hamas, Hezbollah, and the Muslim Brotherhood simultaneously The irony is that as an Iraq War veteran she knows that regime change wars against secular governments (Iraq, Syria, Libya, the Arab Spring) in Islamic nations have the effect of strengthening Islamism, and the spread of Islamism is counter to the interests of the Hindu population of Asia. She knows that the military-industrial complex is controlled by war profiteers. She is willing to align with Zionists against Islam but regards that as at best an alliance of convenience. All of this comes through very clearly in everything she does.  Essentially, she is trying to establish a Modist presence in US politics and has decided the Republicans are a better vehicle for that than the Democrats. An increase in her influence among the Republicans would be helpful because she is a counterforce to the MIC/Zionist/Wahhabi alliance that dominates the Republican approach to foreign policy in the Middle East.

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  1. > it’s obvious

    That isn’t obvious at all.

    In fact, this sort of analysis would be far, far more accurate if directed at another group that isn’t “Hindu Nationalist” but “Jewish Nationalist.”

    In many cases, it is quite obvious that it is their Jewish Nationalism that drives their politics.

    It may be possible for Gabbard, but it is not at all obvious.

    Even if it were true, it would be more or less irrelevant as Gabbard is the only Hindu anywhere near political power.

    But it is easy to point out the non-existent Hinutva influence. But it takes political courage to discuss Jewish influence.

    Which is why it is basically never done.

    Gabbard’s Trilateralism and personal ambition probably explains her career a lot more than her tenuous connections to Hinduism from being raised in a Westernized, quasi-Hindu cult with probably more connections to the CIA than to the Desi Deep State.

    But I get it, it is a lot more exciting than saying “Jew” because it is not popular to confront power.

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