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Dissidents For Establishment Oligarchs

By Banned Hipster

The Paypal Mafia and their propaganda arm, the neo-conservative think tank Claremont Institute, have been promoting the so-called “Neo-Reaction” of Curtis Yarvin since 2007. Yarvin is from a State Department (thus) family and enrolled in various elite university programs since he was twelve years old.

Curtis Yarvin did not toil away in obscurity writing dissident literature hiding it for fear of political persecution like Mikhail Bulgakov. On the contrary, the neo-conservative Zionist publication The Atlantic introduced “Mencius Moldbug” to their sizable and politically important audience the very week that Curtis Yarvin registered his Google Blogger account, via one of their most prominent writers, the Zionist warmonger Andrew Sullivan.

Curtis Yarvin isn’t a “dissident” – he is “the Establishment.” He is the “elite,” albeit among the lower rungs of that class.

One of Yarvin’s first targets was the anti-war libertarian movement centered around Justin Raimondo’s His next was the anti-war progressive movement.

As far as I know, no one, except for this author, has even mentioned how Curtis Yarvin’s “Mencius Moldbug” career was a creation of the neo-conservative publication The Atlantic. Although Yarvin mentioned that he came from a “Foreign Service” family in his earliest writing, no one bothered to point out the implications of that.


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