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Lateness, Cursing, a Broken Sink: Starbucks Keeps Firing Pro-Union Employees

by Paul Blest Vice
At least 18 pro-union employees have been fired since February, in what workers say is an attempt to stop an increasingly popular union campaign.

More than a dozen current and former Starbucks employees told VICE News the company is punishing workers for being vocally supportive of unionizing.

Over the past two months, Starbucks has fired workers across the country for: allegedly breaking a sink on purpose; leaving at the end of a shift while one other worker was working; “safety violations” after being interviewed inside the store by a television crew after-hours; entering the store alone when arriving to work early; allegedly being late to work without letting anyone know ahead of time; allegedly recording supervisors without their permission; allegedly failing to close the store properly; and more.


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