History and Historiography

THE ORIGINS OF FASCISM, and its 21st Century Form

The coming American Fascism was something often discussed on the Left in the late 2010’s around the Trump Movement, how well does the Left in North America truly know the history? Steven Jones joins Ewoks Unhinged to discuss the origins of Fascism, as we urge contemporary Socialists to abandon the Liberal worldview that Fascism is solely Authoritarianism paired with Conservative social values. A 21st Century Fascist Dictatorship could very well be packaged with nominally Progressive views. Looking at how Proto-Fascist groups were essentially Pro-War and Pro-Intervention Progressives (such as the Italian Futurists and National Syndicalists), we draw parallels to many of the Libertarian Left who are increasingly willing to enforce anti-democratic foreign policy to uphold “Democracy.” These “Market Socialists” are strikingly similar to their Proto-Fascist forebearers in their worldviews, allying with Neo-Cons to support both Imperialism and Reactionary Nationalism to uphold their Utilitarian framework.

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