Breaking Points: 4/18/22 FULL UNCUT SHOW

Krystal and Saagar cover Biden’s escalating rhetoric towards Putin, Ukraine war updates, Elon vs Twitter board, Elon vs Saudis, media’s free speech meltdown, Biden’s midterm landscape, bipartisan movement on stock ban, CNN+ numbers, Christian Smalls on Tucker, history of online speech, and Jordan Chariton reporting on Amazon worker organzing! Merch:

Jordan Chariton:

Timestamps: Ukraine: 0:0021:40 Twitter: 21:4143:04 Polling: 43:0552:34 Stock Ban: 52:351:01:49 CNN+: 1:01:501:11:18 Krystal: 1:11:191:26:02 Saagar: 1:26:031:34:33 Jordan Chariton: 1:34:341:48:31

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  1. Biden prosecuting Bucha war crimes? Give me a break. Meanwhile Gonzalo Lira bravely reporting on the ground in Kharkov goes MIA after interviewing Scott Ritter, ratted out to the SBU by the Daily Beast: Why hasn’t Breaking points interviewed Gonzalo or Scott Ritter or Max Blumenthal:

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