Sexuality and the State

Don’t-Say-Gov: What Queer Kids Need Now is Anarchy

By Nicky Reid aka Comrade Hermit

Exile in Happy Valley

There is a growing conspiracy against your children in this country and it’s being waged by Queer genderbending perverts like me. We have successfully infiltrated your schools and your doctor’s offices and we are using them to peddle our evil pagan agenda of sexual liberation. We are grooming your children to reject the gender rewarded to them by God through the blessed miracle of federal government documentation in favor of the wicked contents of their souls.

We’re indoctrinating them into our twisted ideology by teaching them the evils of bodily autonomy and sickening predatory notions about adults not being allowed to define their sexuality against their will. We’re desegregating public spaces and pushing weird harmless medications on them used for decades to safely regulate a wide variety of adolescent hormonal conditions. We’re erasing the imaginary line drawn by the scholars of the Puritanical Era dividing human beings into two exclusive classes based solely on the aesthetics of their outward genitalia. In other words, crazy faggots like me are bringing on the decline of Western Civilization and only a vote for the humble heroes in your local Republican Party can stop us.

This is what those howling Karens of the GOP would have you believe but even this big bad wolf ain’t that bad. As much as I would love to take credit for the razing of Protestant values in this country, I regret to inform you that this conspiracy to liberate your children from the bondage of the gender binary with the bulldozer of the public school system is little more than an election year partisan hoax. What little information that actually reaches your precious darlings through the bars on their classroom windows about their own bodies and their right to define them is few and far between.

Oh, there is a fucking revolution going on. The caskets you built for this nation’s youth that you call closets are exploding left and right across the country but this righteous leveling is being carried out by a grass roots movement led by the children themselves. In fact, a lot of Queer adults like myself owe our own liberation to the pint-sized gender outlaws that arrived a generation after our government facilitated indoctrination into the gender binary and our hearts break to see you fuckers use them as scapegoats to prove how conservative you are to their terrified elders, all in the name of saving the children from themselves.

Across the country, Rockefeller Republicans like Ron DeSantis are trying to throw irate populists off the trail of their deep state connections and Wall Street donors by demonizing Queer children and the few brave adults who support them with a slew of laws that use the tools of big government to regulate everything from their free speech rights to their private medical decisions, and bills that silence classroom discussions on gender and sexuality like the tactically broad Don’t-Say-Gay bill are just the tip of the spear. Five states have passed anti-Queer legislation this year alone. In fact, nearly 240 state bills to regulate sexuality and gender in minors have been filed in the last three months, part of a bigoted barrage that includes 670 such bills since 2018.


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  1. “Queer” is a euphemism for “pedophile.”

    There is no such thing as a “queer child” anymore than there is such a thing as a “slutty little girl” – these are euphemisms for a child being molested by a pedophile.

    These children don’t need “anarchism” or any other such bullshit political ideology. They need to be rescued from their abusers, who should be in prison, and raised by non-groomers.

    Godfather of queer theory: Michel Foucault, a notorious child molester.

    Gayle Rubin’s “Thinking Sex” – the “founding document of Queer Theory” – was little more than a defense of homosexual pedophiles and a complaint that no one would stand up for their “erotic orientation.”

    As Derrick Jensen has noted, anarchists have long advocated for molesting children, in fact, pedophilia and anarchism are inseparable.

    Gayle Rubin’s desire to normalize the rape of children has pretty obvious hateful “racist” roots:

    > As one of the few Jews in her Southern city, she resented the dominance of white Protestants over … Jews.

    So to punish the “goyim” children for “anti-semitism” and “racism” they must be “liberated” – i.e., molested, raped – by adults.

    Rubin wasn’t saying anything new, she was just following in the footsteps of her fellow ethnic, Wilhelm Reich, also a big lefty into promotion of pedophilia.

    Astonishing how these “Queers” are so interested in other people’s children. The conservatives got this one right: they are Groomers.

  2. They really just can’t help themselves, can they?

    > your precious darlings

    Remember – this person is pretending to “advocate” for children, but his contempt for children – and their mothers and fathers – cannot even be hidden longer than a few paragraphs.

    Spiteful mutants. They can’t have a family so wants to predate on other people’s families.

    But please – I hope they continue because the last year has set back the Queer Agenda thirty years.

    If they keep going I expect “gay marriage” to be banned within the decade. Great news!

  3. > harmless medications on them used for decades to safely regulate a wide variety of adolescent hormonal conditions.

    And shilling for Big Pharma.

    If this is “anarchism” count me out.

    It’s just hate – bile – against a defenseless population, and Trans is backed by the full power of the state.

    If you do not consent to engaging in cross-dressing roleplay with a “Trans-person” – which is a sexual fetish that some people pay good money for – you can be fired from your job and of course banned from Twitter and all other social media.

    The chutzpah of these privileged stormtroopers of Global Capitalism posturing as “dissidents” when they have Goldman Sachs, Blackrock, and the entire Fortune 500 on their side.

    All the phony fake radical posturing is just a cover for the fat they are simply partisan Democrats. “Orange Man Bad,” etc.

    “Child liberation” was a big Pedophile talking point in the 70’s too. Nothing new under the sun.

    Also … “Protestantism?” What is is 1905 or something?

    One can’t help but wonder if this entire thing is really just “I hate you DAD!”

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