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Biden SLAPS DOWN ‘Why Not Threaten WW3?’ Question

The fact that the media is more hawkish on Ukraine/Russia than the media illustrates the differences between the old guard foreign policy elite, from which Biden received his tutelage and the younger neocon/neoliberal types who dominate the media.

The new wave of foreign policy elites is more extreme than these old guard Machiavellian realists like Henry K, Zbig B, Scowcroft, Kennan, etc., previous generations of technocrats like Robert McNamara, Cold War liberals like Dean Rusk, or Rockefeller Republicans like Poppy Bush and Colin Powell. The Reagan/Poppy Bush era was something of a transition from the Kennaneque model to a more super hawk model (“containment vs rollback”), and then starting around the Bill Clinton era these older types started being replaced with folks like Albright, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Bolton, Pompeo, Hillary, Power, Abrams, Nuland, Blinken, etc. The older types could be extreme in their ruthlessness, but they weren’t the ideological fanatics that have since replaced them. There has been a return to dominance of the Wilsonian paradigm over the past 30 years and particularly over the last 20 years. During the postwar period through the end of the Cold War, the Hamiltonian and/or realist framework was still largely dominant.

You know the corporate media is truly awful when even Biden can easily slap down your war-monger question. You know it’s bad when, instead of journalists holding the White House accountable, the White House has to hold the journalists accountable instead. The face Biden makes at her when answering the question is the face everyone should have when asked something that stupid. His face just shows he’s thinking “Are you fucking serious?”

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  1. As a younger folk, US at war has always been part of my adult life. There is no distinction between left or right.

    Bush 2 Bombed, Obama Bombed, Hilary Bombed, Trump Bombed. They were just competing on how harsh towards our enemies they were.

    The only distinction between left and right is trans theory, religiosity, and now VAX status. Maybe the right is less in a war frenzy, but not by much.

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