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Chaos rules in Soho, where residents say they fear for their safety

I can’t say I much care if the bourgeois bohemians are running scared of lumpen crime. The US elites wanted the domestic United States to be a Third World country and they’re going to get it.

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Open fires burning on the street. Dangerous vagrants. Fear after dark.

This is life these days in Soho — one of Manhattan’s ritziest neighborhoods, with home costs that soar into the millions.

Late Wednesday night, video emerged of an open fire burning on Canal Street, and people who live and work in the neighborhood told The Post that crime and chaos has gotten so far out of control, they no longer feel safe.

“I used to be more comfortable letting my children, especially the two older kids, travel by themselves to school and now I don’t,” Maud Maron, a mother of four who’s lived in Soho for over a decade, told The Post Thursday.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s the most expensive neighborhood or the least expensive neighborhood in New York City. Every single New Yorker deserves safety and the ability to walk down the street without open fires.”

Maron, a New Yorker for 32 years, said she used to allow her kids to walk down Canal Street and take the subway to school but these days, but now she opts to drive them.


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