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Former Reagan officials denounce U.S.-NATO war plans

By Rick Rozoff, Anti-Bellum

From former advisor Suzanne Massie, former Assistant Treasury Secretary Paul Craig Roberts, former budget director David Stockman and former White House Communications Director Patrick Buchanan.

When former Reagan officials oppose U.S. and NATO preparations for war with Russia and even the most (nominally) progressive members of the House and Senate don’t, it’s a telling indication of how politics have developed in the U.S. in the post-Cold War era.

Panic over ‘war with Russia’ strong in US, Biden cannot stop it, Reagan’s advisor says
Suzanne Massie noted that she did not believe that peace was impossible with Russians

The panic over the allegedly possible “war with Russia” in the US is now particularly strong because US President Joe Biden is not capable of stopping it. That said, it’s only a small group of people escalating this panic while the general public has no desire for a conflict, according to ex-advisor to US President Ronald Reagan Suzanne Massie.

“I think, war is always possible and even worse now than any time in the past because of the weapons. Weapons are worse,” she told a TASS correspondent in response to a question on the matter. “There is no desire among the American public to have any war with [Russia]. It is a small group of people, among them now something is very scary. The panic is now more powerful than it has been in twenty years,” she added.

Reagan’s former advisor thinks that President Biden “has nothing to say.” “Our president, unfortunately, as you know, has everything happening behind him. And that’s why the panic is so strong. There is no one to say ‘no.’ Of course, [another president would] not let it go so long,” she added.

According to her, a small group of people “in certain positions” in the US indeed wants a military conflict in order to make money. “I certainly do not believe that peace is impossible with Russians. Because we need you. We need you more than we know. And I am going to write about this,” she emphasized.

Reagan’s former advisor is confident that Russia is absolutely unique and it shouldn’t try to be “Western,” although such attempts have been made. “Why are you unique? Because of your history, because of your people, because of your size, because of your geography. You are the only bridge now, it is more important than ever, you are the only bridge that we have between Asia and Europe. And this is really important because Asia is getting to be more and more in the news and everything else and is going to be a really big problem,” she concluded.


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