Anti-Imperialism/Foreign Policy

Stop sending weapons! Russia is NOT going to invade Ukraine! THIS IS DANGEROUS! YOU HAVE NO CLUE!

America will never learn that we can’t have everything. Worse thing about it, going into territory we don’t know always has a bad outcome and we’re always the masters of the losing streak. Infuriating!!!

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  1. We still have troops stationed all over the world ‘without wars , , How now brown cow? The far left ‘n Elitists want a war w/ Russia,,, Wouldn’t have been necessary if Trump was in the WH,,,, the Elites need war to kill off Americans on our own land to further the success of the NWO ,,,the far left thinks they will be ‘saved’,,,, They. will have a rude awakening – that bunch, Soros, Hilary, Pelosi, etc. care for no one but themselves,,,, Why ‘r they in partnership w/ China? Ask Hilary- they have been partners w/ she ‘n Soros since she was Sec. of State,,, They hate America>………… it will be called “ the New Northern Continent – or some such stupid thing , ,, Wonder what they will call the few white people who make it thru? They certainly don’t want us ,,,,,Time will tell the rest of this story,,,,, pray !

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