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Jeff Bezos Startup Hires Top Scientist to Defeat Death

By Tony Tran, Futurism

Amazon founder and Elon Musk’s favorite punching bag Jeff Bezos is assembling a team of top scientists to assist in his dream of developing immortality technology.

The billionaire is funneling his money into an anti-aging startup dubbed Alto Labs, which formerly launched on Wednesday. The project has recently recruited Hal Barron, formerly the chief scientific officer at the pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline, who has now been tapped as Alto Lab’s CEO.

“I am deeply honored to have been offered this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to lead such a unique company with a transformative mission to reverse disease,” Barron said in a press release from the startup.

Barron joins a veritable A Team of scientists tasked with defeating death, including Dr. Shinya Yamanaka, the winner of the 2012 Nobel prize in medicine for his work in stem cell research, and Jennifer Doudna, the co-winner of the 2020 Nobel prize in chemistry for her role in developing the gene-editing tool CRISPR.


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  1. He thinks he can go beyond being God ! If I were Jeff Bezos I’d be careful of that kind of thinking – I’d bet $ Fauci is hidden in there somewhere ,,,, they really sound like a pair, don’t they? May God bless the “average” American ‘n the USA! ‘n D.J.Trump,,, amen,,,,,,

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