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Why Black & Latino Democrats Are Standing Up To White Progressives On Crime, Drugs, & Homelessness

This article is interesting because it foreshadows what mainstream political debate is going to look like in the future, at least in heavily populated areas. Today’s moderates are tomorrow’s conservatives. Today’s far-left are tomorrow’s liberals. Over time, today’s conservatives (e.g. FOX fans) are going to be increasingly small in number, and politically and culturally marginalized, except for in deep red zones and sparsely populated areas. Someone like Michael Schellenberger will be considered “centrist.” An Eric Adams will be considered “conservative” with someone like Glenn Youngkin being considered an “ultra-conservative.” Meanwhile, a Chesa Boudin-type will merely be considered “liberal” with today’s conservatives being considered “fascist” or “Nazi.”

As for the problems with crime, homelessness, and drugs being discussed in the article, this is precisely what you find in Third World countries, and the USA is developing a Third World model class system, with the West Coast being further along than most other places. There may be a wave of repression against the homeless or a general crackdown on crime, but the issues will return because the same class system and related factors will remain.

By Michael Schellenberger

Black and Latino elected officials are standing up to white progressives, including mega-donor George Soros, and demanding an end to open drug scenes and rising urban chaos. Why now? And why them?

Over the last three decades, and particularly after the Black Lives Matter protests, progressives have demanded sweeping changes to America’s criminal justice system in the name of racial justice, and understandably so. Police use greater force on black Americans than white Americans. African Americans are more likely to have their cars searched after traffic stops. And black Americans are more likely to be wrongly convicted of murder, rape, and drug crimes than white people.

But now, a growing number of black and Latino lawmakers are demanding crackdowns on crime and open drug scenes. In a long interview with the New York Times last week, San Francisco’s black mayor, London Breed, defended her crackdown on crime and criticized white progressives by name. In announcing her campaign to be mayor of Los Angeles, black Congresswoman Karen Bass said, “The bottom line is people will not be allowed to live on the streets.” And another L.A. mayoral candidate, Kevin de León, who is Latino, is attacking progressive homeless advocates for allegedly bribing homeless people to stay on the streets and not go into shelters.


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