SHOCK: Biden TIED With Trump For Latino Support

As the Latino population has continued to grow in recent decades, there has been a longstanding debate about its electoral implications. Some have argued, including myself, that Latinos might well continue to consistently vote Democratic by a substantive majority, which would effectively end the Republican Party as a competitive party in Presidential elections. Others, like Rick Pearlstein,  have argued that Latinos might well become the new “white ethnics” (like the Italians, Irish, Poles, etc. from past times) and become swing voters for which the parties have to compete. It appears that the verdict is increasingly being revealed and that the latter point of view was correct. Apparently, I got it wrong and Pearlstein and others got it right. The key issue appears to be the level of socioeconomic and ethnic diversity among Latinos.

Krystal and Saagar break down the new polling data showing Republicans rated higher than Democrats on major issues and gaining with Latino voters especially non-college educated men.

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