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The Rise of the New Stoics

By Michael Warren David, Spectator World

Meet the new generation of social conservatives, not necessarily religious but trying to be good men.

Every day around noon, a white pickup truck comes barreling down my street. It’s one of those big-boy toys: jacked-up suspension, aftermarket muffler, turbo…the works. It’s the kind of truck only a single man could love (or afford). You can hear it for a good ten seconds before it passes the house, and another ten seconds after. Without fail, it comes by when my daughter is napping. And without fail, it wakes her up.

As a bonus, our friend also has a “F—k Biden” flag flying from the bed. My daughter is too young to read, but I doubt if the local moms are too thrilled with their kids’ surprise vocab lesson.

I hate to sound like an old fogey but back in my day Republicans were the pro-family party. The praxis of conservatism didn’t include waking up and/or swearing at children. I mean, in the greater scheme of things, progressive Democrats (or “libtards,” if you prefer) might pose a bigger threat to our storied Republic. But when they drive by in their Priuses, drinking their kale-and-beetroot smoothies on their way to teach Woke Studies to kindergarteners, they do it quietly.


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