Announcing “Coronavirus & Anarchism, pandemic’s anthology”

Anarchist News

November 30, 2021
Anarchistische Groep Amsterdam

We are proud to announce our up and coming compendium of corona criticism! You can find the forward below in which we summarize and prepare you for a plethora of anarchist analysis.

The following collection attempts to gather as many pieces regarding Anarchist takes on Corona as possible. It is a collaboration that was not intended as such. Each piece presented was independently published and only now are they meant to be read as a whole. For this reason there will be many, many topics and opinions presented throughout and it is important that you keep an open and critical mind.

Within you will find testimonies of people suffering and actively working to support others during Covid, a plethora of criticism against Capitalism, geopolitical overviews of a multitude of continents and countries both in how they are impacted as well as how they failed to prepare themselves against a worldwide pandemic.


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