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Where Does Center-Right Foreign Policy Go From Here?

The contents of this podcast more or less confirm my suspicion that “national conservatism” is just the latest neocon front movement (if more confirmation was needed). The neocon/supply-sider/Reaganite alliance is using “national conservatism” (and its assorted collection of dupes) as a means of making a comeback. It is likewise clear the Trumpists are also fully in the pockets of the Zionist-Wahhabist-Pahlavist axis in the Middle East (if it wasn’t obvious before).

The American Conservative

A year after Biden’s election, the new president is plainly floundering, with crises at home and abroad. Curt and Will dive into where elite Republican foreign policy discourse could go from here, with a dive into: the Charles Koch Institute’s recent ‘Advancing Security Summit’ with longtime national security bigwig (most recently Afghan envoy) Zalmay Khalilzhad, further discussion on National Conservatism, China and a provocative new report about former President Trump’s wars with the CIA over Iran.


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