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On Abortion Rights and the Supreme Court

By Caroline Mimbs Nyce

Will Roe v. Wade be reversed, or simply defanged? Today the Supreme Court signaled that it will uphold an abortion ban in Mississippi (not to be confused with the law in Texas that caused an uproar earlier this year). For that law to stay in place, Roe, or at least a portion of it, will need to go.

The law professor Mary Ziegler argues that, in today’s proceedings, the justices seemed prepared to throw out Roe entirely—which would mark “one of the most significant reversals of Supreme Court precedent in American history.”

Further reading: Ruth Bader Ginsburg was right, David French points out in his Atlantic newsletter. In a 1993 lecture, the late Supreme Court justice pointed to the inherent instability of the Roe decision, he writes.

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