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People Furious at Robot Serving Pancakes at Denny’s


Imagine sitting down at your favorite breakfast restaurant only to be greeted by a robot, which brings your pancakes and sides instead of a human server.

Well, that’s not exactly what happened at one Denny’s location, but to hear the comments tell it, our robot overlords are taking over — and should be boycotted before they’re serving us pancakes and eggs all over the world.

TikTok user Miabellaceo posted a now-viral video showing a robot dubbed Janet delivering two plates of hashbrowns and eggs at an undisclosed Denny’s location. The simple three-tiered robot is basically a mobile cake plate that runs food for busy servers, and the video’s creator said in the comments that a real, flesh-and-blood server took their order and delivered their coffee.

The comments, naturally, went off — though most, to be fair, seemed to be expressing broader anxieties about automation rather than much specific to Denny’s.

“So we don’t have to tip anymore?” one user commented, racking up almost 1,600 likes.

“Nope I wouldn’t go there,” another opined. “No people.”

“This is sad,” wrote yet another. “But yet they give machines the jobs they take from citizens.”

Some users even called for a Denny’s boycott, and one threatened to walk out if they were approached by a robotic server.


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