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Here’s who’s likely to lead Iran if the ayatollah is deposed

From 2019. Apparently, this Sohrab Ahmari who is one of the intellectual leaders of this “national conservatism” thing is a full-blown Pahlavist as I suspected.

By New York Post

The measure of a successful Iranian dynasty has always been simple: For 2½ millennia, Iranians have judged their kings good if the kings managed to keep good order. Siyasat, the Persian word for politics, originally meant simply this.

By that yardstick, the current clerical “dynasty” has failed miserably.

Witness the latest wave of popular unrest engulfing the Islamic Republic. What began Friday as a protest against fuel subsidy cuts ignited into a full-blown uprising. Cries of “Death to dictator!” rang out from the streets, as did slogans decrying the Islamist regime’s foreign interventions (“Not Gaza, not Lebanon, my life only for Iran!”). Gas stations were burned, and video footage from the provinces suggested some local authorities had lost control.

President Hasan Rouhani — remember when the American chattering classes crowned him the great moderate reformer? — called it the most serious internal threat in the regime’s 40-plus-year history. And vowed to crush it.


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