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Killer in Kenosha: Will He Be Held Accountable?

Virtually everyone’s opinion on this case is based on their tribal affiliations not the facts of the case. You can almost predict what any individual might say based on what you already know about them, or what their stated affiliations are.

By Jamala Rogers, LA Progressive

In a recent SNL’s Weekend Update sketch, Michael Che joked if there was a “white tears law school” that teaches white men how to cry their way out of trouble. Che was referring to Kyle Rittenhouse’s over-the-top tearful testimony during his recent trial. It is likely that the dramatic performance swayed his white-jury-minus-one-Black.

The trial of Kyle Rittenhouse has overshadowed the shooting of Jacob Blake by a white Kenosha cop in 2020. Blake was shot several times in the back, severing his spinal cord and leaving him paralyzed. Blake is unlikely to get real justice in his case. The Justice Department has already ruled it would not be seeking charges against the officer involved.

Rittenhouse has become the poster child for blue lives matter. We surely can’t say he values all white lives. The junior vigilante shot and killed two men and attempted to kill others – all who were white. He faced five felony charges and one misdemeanor. Those felony charges carry up to 65 years in prison although he’s unlikely to get the full brunt of those sentences. His age, race and tears are big mitigating factors.


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