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  1. This guy. Ugh. I’d like to hear what all the working class people thought about him too, after he left the dive bar, not just what he thought about them. I have a feeling they don’t hold as high of an opinion of him as he seems to hold about himself. Or that they viewed him as just ‘one of the guys’. I doubt it!

    Gotta love his working-class ‘costume’ too. Lol While he states that he knows about medical science because he holds a phd in Physics. Ok. Wtf?

    He also seems to think that the US government only medically experimented on black people in the past, so he understands and respects their decisions, but not white peoples decisions. When this is not true, they experimented on whoever they thought they could get away with it on. Usually military, or orphans, or homeless, or those in jail no matter what color they were. What do most of those have in common? They’re poor and captive to the government.

    So, to me he seems mostly upset that the ‘poors’ won’t accept being experimented on this time and wants to figure out why so he can blame them and feel superior in some way. Not realizing that the real elite (he calls himself elite in this interview, you notice) view him as one of the poors and captive too, this time. They have made that clear, especially the Biden admin., that they view us all as the poors and captive now, PhD or not.

    Dude is insufferable, IMO.
    (Granted, he may know he has to say things in a certain way to get air time, so he always has to state things with disclaimers and that’s what makes him look like kind of a dick. Which is sad and frightening, but may be the case.)

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