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US elites’ imperial corruption compares to Opium War

Starting this column, I couldn’t have envisioned what smartphones and social media would do to a generation.

This series of essays debuted in January 2000 with a meditation on tech stocks. I forecast that – contrary to the then-prevailing wisdom – internet equities would blossom by feeding on the moral rot of the society underneath them.

Not in my darkest rumination could I have envisioned the corruption of a whole generation of American youth through smartphones and social media, as documented by Professor Jean Twenge of the University of California San Diego. I repost below my maiden essay, “What if Internet Stocks Aren’t a Bubble?”

This has a direct bearing upon Professor Justin Yifu Lin’s thesis that China today stands with respect to the United States as the United States and Germany stood with respect to Great Britain at the end of the 19th century. An excerpt from Professor Lin’s new book was published by Asia Times on October 11.


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