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Aborting Trumpism

A return of the abortion wars of the 80s and 90s would really heat up the already intense “culture war.”

By David Cole, Taki’s Magazine

Sometimes you wish that a certain group of people were never taught a certain phrase. In 1997, when O.J. Simpson ran afoul of a civil trial, the geniuses in the press decided to teach ghetto L.A. the term “double jeopardy,” because provoking underclass blacks by making them think (falsely) that a civil trial following a criminal acquittal is “double jeopardy” is a great way to foment unrest.

All throughout February ’97 black Angelenos were running around mindlessly parroting “dubba jepaddy dubba jepaddy dubba trubba hubba bubba Bubba Smith!” and journalists sat back hoping for a riot (which fortunately never materialized).

So here’s my wish for the day: I wish no one had ever taught right-wingers the term “cui bono.” How I’ve come to hate that phrase, a favorite of conspiracy-minded rightists and libertarians. In essence, “cui bono” (“who benefits?”) is the main tool in the Lil’ Sherlock detective kits of amateur armchair sleuths who seek to uncover secret plots and nefarious dealings. The idea is, find who benefits from a thing, and you’ve found who caused the thing!


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