The Enragés: Libertarian Anticapitalism with Rad Geek

Center for a Stateless Society

Rad Geek (Charles Johnson) is an individualist anarchist technologist and “sometimes writer”, living in the Deep South. He researches topics in the history and theory of radical individualism, left-libertarianism, and market anarchism, with an interest in intellectual and social history, and analytic philosophy.

He has written articles for The Industrial Radical, Free Voices, Reason, and The Freeman: Ideas on Liberty, as well as at the Center for a Stateless Society. He is the co-editor, together with Gary Chartier, of Markets Not Capitalism, an anthology on left-wing market anarchism and the individualist anarchist tradition. He keeps a long-running blog at and a repository of freely available historical texts at

And be sure to check out last month’s episode with Gary Chartier! 


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