The Future of Afghanistan Under the Taliban

00:00 Intro 00:46 Graveyard of Empires – Why US & Afghan Forces Lost 11:41 Moderate Extremists? – What Will Taliban Rule be Like 19:56 The New Great Game – Which Geopolitical Players will step into Afghanistan After 20 years of endless war, the US has finally withdrawn from Afghanistan. The Taliban takeover of Afghanistan is complete and the Afghan government has fallen. How could it go so wrong? Why did the US mission fail and why did the Afghan army collapse in a matter of weeks? And now that they’re back in power, what will a Taliban controlled Afghanistan look like? In the face of multiple ISIS attacks and continued resistance in the Panjshir valley, Is another anti-Taliban insurgency on the way? And which geopolitical players will step in to fill the power vacuum left behind by the United States? All that in this video.

Categories: Geopolitics

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