Is AOC the Best Libertarian in Congress? That’s What Left-Leaning Libertarians Say

There is no one in Congress that even comes close to being a libertarian, whether left, right, anarchist, minarchist, libertarian socialist, or libertarian capitalist.  Thomas Massie and Rand Paul specifically deny that they are libertarians and claim to be “constitutional conservatives” (paleocons). Justin Amash may have come close to being a conventional right-libertarian (like a Cato Institute type) when he was in Congress. The “Squad” folks are contemporary versions of Ted Kennedy liberals.

The idea of electing “libertarians” to Congress as some kind of viable anti-state strategy is about as sensible as the idea of hoping for more libertarians in the Roman Senate circa 100 AD/CE.

Tom Woods Show

Left-leaning libertarians have actually been claiming, if you can believe this, that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, whose worldview is altogether confused and state-centered, is actually the best libertarian in Congress. She is certainly better, they say, than Thomas Massie.

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