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Steve Bannons’ Crusade Against Morality | ft Alexander Reid Ross

So Steve Bannon is a closet Stirnerite?

The line that Alexander Reid Ross takes in the interview is what I call the “new popular front” position, which amounts to support for liberal-capitalist regimes against the threat of “fascism.” It’s something of an inversion of the alt-right “globalism vs. nationalism” line with ARR taking the position of the globalists. He doesn’t come right out and say that but it’s what his position amounts to.

For leftists like ARR, “anti-social conservatism” is the primary value, which is why they naturally bend toward the standard far-left to neocon trajectory. The neocons were Trotskyists who, as proud rootless cosmopolitans, had the insight to realize they had far more in common with the US business class than with Third World socialist revolutionaries.

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