David French’s New Book Arguing That the U.S. Will Break Apart Is Too Optimistic

David French, a Bill Kristol flunkie, is concerned an American breakup will ruin the neocons’ plans for world domination. He outlines a proposal for “federalism” without an actual breakup, and a leftist writer from Slate points out some of the practical problems associated with pan-secessionism along with common left-wing objections while acknowledging that the logical outcome of pan-secession is anarchism.

The fact that David French, a guy buried deep in the neocon inner circle, is writing a book like this indicates to me that the neocons are genuinely getting worried about a US crackup, which would mean the end of the empire generally and the end of Israel’s sugar daddy specifically. It seems the neocons are anticipating the rise of secession movements or the potential for a Soviet-like crackup and are perhaps making a move to counter such a situation with half-assed proposals for “federalism” that would be used as a means of coopting political malcontents.

By Joshua Keating Slate

David French’s Divided We Fall, which warns that the U.S. is at risk of a literal breakup if current trends in political polarization continue, is one of those books that’s almost too timely. Its long-range predictions already feel out of date.

French imagined California splitting from the United States, presumably before Gov. Gavin Newsom declared California a “nation-state” in response to federal failures to combat the coronavirus. French puts forth a scenario where roadblocks are set up on state borders. During the early days of the pandemic, that happened. French foresees Democrats trying to pack the Supreme Court in order to protect abortion rights … well, you get the picture. The problem with French’s nightmare scenarios isn’t that they seem implausible—it’s that, as of now, they seem like wishful thinking.


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