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Tulsi Gabbard STUNS Tucker Carlson With Drone Strike Defense, Biden DESPERATE To Move On From Kabul

When Tulsi was running for Prez, I thought she was the best of any of the major party candidates on foreign policy, although she was still too hawkish for my tastes, as this segment indicates. My second favorite candidate was Marianne Williamson, because I thought she was 2nd best after Tulsi, but still too inclined toward “human rights imperialism” as Marianne’s recent positions on Afghanistan have indicated. Andrew Yang was my third favorite candidate, but he was too sympathetic toward Israel, as his later mayoral candidacy demonstrated.  On foreign policy, I generally side with the tankies (while rejecting their support for Second/Third World nationalist/socialist regimes) or the Maoists/Third Worldists (while rejecting Maoism itself). Some pacifist libertarians and far-right/third position types get it right as well, but not too many others.

Ryan Grim and Alyssa Farah break down White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki’s response to questions about the U.S. drone strike that killed ten Afghan civilians, including children.

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