The Boogaloo movement has a new strategy

These guys appear to be an actual on-the-ground, pan-anarchist, pan-secessionist movement. And whether left-wing anarchists like these guys or not, left-wing anarchists who are developing mutual aid networks of their own or creating separatist movements like CHAZ are in the club as well. I suspect that as pan-secessionist action continue to spiral, they will take place not only on a micro-level (like agorism), intermediate-level (like sanctuary cites, 2A sanctuaries), and macro-level (like Calexit or Texit), but there will also be a reformist wing (those who prefer secession through legal referendum or legislation) and militant wing (like the Boogaloo Boys and CHAZ anarchists).

By Creede Newton, Al Jazeera

Members of the anti-government movement are calling for cooperation with left-wing groups that were once adversaries.

Members of the anti-government Boogaloo movement are adopting a new strategy to achieve the end of the US government, members tell Al Jazeera.

Adherents are calling for cooperation with left-wing organisations – previously considered adversaries by some in the Boogaloo – to foster a mass withdrawal from the political and economic systems overseen by the United States government.

Based on the political philosophy “agorism”, it aims to bleed the government of tax funds through a “Counter-Economy”, compliance with laws and mandates given by voters.

The desired result: the collapse of the US government through “death by a thousand cuts”.


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  1. Those who “don’t care” will be to blame once the administration that is made up of this gruesome-twosome (Biden/Harris) comes to it’s inevitable end (which will, also, be the apex of the destruction they, alongside their supporters, inflict upon the Country).

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