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More Abortion Restrictions Have Been Enacted In The U.S. This Year Than In Any Other

This is really interesting. As the wider culture, particularly among the elite, has moved sharply leftward, the deeper red zones have at times taken a sharp turn rightward, and not just on abortion. How long before the system cracks?

By Emma Bowman, NPR

More abortion restrictions have been enacted across the U.S. this year than in any previous year, according to an analysis by a group that supports abortion rights.

State legislatures have passed at least 90 laws restricting the procedure in 2021 so far, finds a report released this month from the Guttmacher Institute.

“We’re really trying to bring attention to the fact that state legislatures are moving very quickly on abortion bans and restrictions,” Elizabeth Nash, a co-author of the report and principal policy associate at the institute, told NPR. “Abortion rights are at stake.”

She said that a conservative shift in some state legislatures, emboldened by the 6-3 majority conservatives now hold on the U.S. Supreme Court — reshaped under former President Donald Trump — are driving the extraordinary wave of anti-abortion policies. The previous record was set in 2011 when states passed 89 abortion restrictions over the course of the entire year.

It’s a milestone that anti-abortion-rights activists who have pushed for such laws count as a success.


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