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Dismantling NEOCON Lies About Afghan Withdrawal

“Neocon lies” is a redundant phrase.
The situation in Afghanistan is comparable to a situation where, in the Middle Ages, a group of the most powerful monarchs might decide to cede a particular principality to the Turks for whatever strategic reasons, but where the clergy objects to ceding territory to the “Mohammedan” infidels and where aristocrats and feudal lords that have been hiring out mercenaries to the ceded territory are pissed because there is no more booty coming in.
Similarly, the upper strata of our modern power elite (which operates on a global, not national scale) has decided to cede an imperial province to China for whatever strategic reasons, but the new clerisy (the media and professional class) objects to ceding territory to the un-progressive infidels and where our modern aristocrats and feudal lords (the military-industrial complex) that have been engaged in war profiteering are pissed because the grift is up.

Krystal and Saagar are joined by Trita Parsi to dismantle neocon lies about the Afghanistan withdrawal and go over the lessons that should be learned from the 20 year long war

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