Call for assistance from anarchists in Afghanistan

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via The Federation of Anarchism Era

Afghan anarchists need to leave Afghanistan urgently!

The Taliban are now on the verge of establishing their own government in Afghanistan. The powerful countries of the world did not prevent or hinder this Taliban project. Unfortunately, the people of Afghanistan have once again fallen into the hands of the Taliban, and any imaginable atrocities can occur.

Eyewitnesses in various cities in Afghanistan that have fallen to the Taliban have said that the Taliban are trying to identify critics and oppositions to their political and religious beliefs. They either assassinate writers, poets, journalists, and other social activists or take them to unknown locations.

Taliban’s rise to power in Afghanistan, with religious reactionary ideas and their history of bloodshed, and the imposition of another theocratic government on the people of the region is counter to the people’s struggles for freedom in Afghanistan.

People took up arms to defend themselves against the Taliban and prevent a nightmare like a fundamentalist Islamic state. Still, each time they faced defeat and betrayal of the Afghan government. Their struggle was constantly suppressed and appropriated by governments and short-sighted political parties. Until the latest news, the Taliban have entered Kabul and want to take over Afghanistan.


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