Fourth Generation Warfare

Street Violence Cannot Become Part of Our Political Process

Why not?

By Esquire

In Portland, the mayor and police chief announced cops would not intervene if brawls broke out at a political demonstration.

hile we’re all watching week-old films from the airport in Kabul, and rending our garments—rightfully and self-righteously—about the plight of the people of Afghanistan, this country, as Neil Young once sang, is coming apart at every nail. First of all, there was an extraordinarily violent confrontation in Portland between some Proud Boys and some counter-protestors. Worse, the Portland police, with the mayor’s blessing, seem to have determined they would assume the roles of non-combatants in the whole business. From the Williamette Week:

The Aug. 22 rally—called “Summer of Love: United We Stand Divided We Fall”—was held in the parking lot of an abandoned Kmart in Northeast Portland. The event landed about 48 hours after Mayor Ted Wheeler and Portland Police Chief Chuck Lovell warned that police would not intervene in weekend skirmishes that resulted from the planned gatherings. “We are asking you to choose love,” Wheeler said during the Aug. 20 press conference. “People should not necessarily expect to see the police standing in the middle of the crowd trying to keep people apart.”

This strategy, apparently cribbed from the collected works of Spanky and Our Gang, did not work out as planned.


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