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Biden job approval falls; handling of troop removal is negative but support for withdrawal remains — CBS News poll

63% of Americans continue to favor withdrawal from Afghanistan in spite of hysterical media propaganda to the contrary, from both the liberal and conservative press.

By Anthony Salvanto, Jennifer De Pinto, Kabir Khanna, Fred Backus, CBS News

Most Americans have wanted to withdraw from Afghanistan for a while, and most still do.

But not like this.

Public reaction to what’s happened there is decidedly negative, with Americans now fearing wider repercussions from a heightened threat of terrorism. Back home, the public weighs in with rough judgments on President Biden — not only for his handling of it, but with his overall presidential approval rating dropping substantially, and broader views of his qualities like effectiveness and competence taking hits along with it.

Looking forward, there is widespread and cross-party agreement on helping those Afghans who helped the U.S., including those who worked as translators or in intelligence, and on the belief that the U.S. is not presently doing enough to help civilians get out of Afghanistan, a critique that also finds agreement from most Democrats as well as most Republicans.


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