Will the US ever break up into smaller, more philosophically homogeneous countries?

There is a good number of threads on Quora discussing this idea. It is clear that pan-secessionist ideas are increasingly working their way into the mainstream and being discussed more seriously by a greater number of people from many different points on the political and cultural spectrum. Over time, we will start to witness more on-the-ground action as sympathy for dissolving the USA continues to grow.  This will be the Brexit of North America, and with a much more far-reaching impact if it is successful.

I expect that the constituencies for pan-secessionism will be from all over the spectrum, left and right, radical and moderate, and within all ethnic, cultural, socioeconomic, and religious demographics. It will also be a point of division within virtually all ideological factions and demographic sectors. I expect to see folks from all political and cultural camps be both for and against this idea.


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