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Tulsi Gabbard on Afghanistan

Afghanistan. After al-Qaeda terrorists attacked us on 9/11, brave warriors, special forces quickly deployed to defeat al-Qaeda in Afghanistan. They accomplished their mission rapidly and effectively. THAT is when they should have returned home. But the elite wanted to nation-build, getting us into a 20-year war with no clear mission or strategy, causing massive suffering and wasting trillions of taxpayer dollars.

Afghanistan. The question is this: Will we hold accountable the elite (political leaders, MSM, military leaders, and defense contractors, etc.) who got us into and kept us in this foolish, short-sighted mission to turn Afghanistan into a “democracy”—costing over a trillion dollars and countless lives? Unlikely. And will we blindly allow the elite to drag us into new, even more costly military adventures in the name of spreading/protecting “democracy”? Probably.

Out of aloha, we weep for the suffering that the elite have already caused; and out of aloha, we must stop them from causing even more.

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