‘They’re coming to kill us’: Afghan filmmaker’s video pleas as Taliban moves in

By New York Post

A prominent Afghan filmmaker recorded her dramatic flight from Kabul as Taliban forces moved in on Sunday — and begged for help on social media, saying the militants were “coming to kill us.”

“The Taliban entered Kabul, unfortunately, and we were detained,” Sahraa Karimi said in an Instagram video posted Sunday. “Pray for us.”

The chilling footage shows Karimi, the director-general of the state-run Afghan Film, running through the streets of Kabul as Taliban forces took the city — the fear evident in her face.

Karimi also took to Twitter to plead for help.

“Taliban surrounded Kabul,” she wrote. “I went to the bank to get some money, they closed and evacuated. I still cannot believe this happened.

“Please pray for us, I am calling again,” Karimi said. “Hey ppl of this big world, please do not be silent. They are coming to kill us.”


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