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Systemic Racism: 64 Practical Examples of the Challenges that Face Black Americans

By Caleb Ward, Curious Refuge

I was recently looking to share a few links about systemic racism in our ‘Curious Weekly’ newsletter. However, after a little research, I was shocked to find the best list of systemic racism examples didn’t come from a peer-reviewed study or news publication, rather, it came from a short article on Ben and Jerry’s blog.

In light of this reality, I thought it’d be helpful to share a few practical examples of the systemic racism that black Americans face in the 21st century. I want this to be a simple resource and reminder of the true and undeniable advantages that white Americans (like myself) are born with.

Individual vs Systemic Racism

When most people think of the word racism, they think of Individual Racism, or the specific actions of a person that intentionally express prejudice, hate, or bias. Most people would agree that Individual Racism exists and is wrong, but racism extends far beyond just the things you do, say, or think.


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