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Canceling Critical Race Theory

By Nicky Reid aka Comrade Hermit

Exile in Happy Valley

I am not a politically correct animal. Out of the good of my bleeding heart, I’ve tried, but my species of genderfuck extraterrestrial just doesn’t swing that way. When the good lord Kali made this mess, she made her with a big fucking mouth and no filter. I swear like a sailor, I crack awful jokes at funerals, and I still think January 6 was the best Monty Python sketch in decades. Beyond my more juvenile instincts though, I also happen to be something of a free speech purist. I grew up on punk rock and John Water flicks, and I still worship the ground Lenny Bruce, Mario Savio, and Abbie Hoffman spat on. Cancel culture is a real thing and it fucking sucks. I despise censorship whether it’s practiced by Facebook or the Federal Government, and I don’t believe anyone should be banned from any platform, ever.

I feel like the left has lost its way with this bullshit. We’ve become so concerned with not hurting anyone’s feelings that we’ve forgotten how to kick some fucking ass. A revolution isn’t a pride parade. We have to break things and own our slurs. We have to become faggots with attitude. We’ve seen first hand over the last few decades what political correctness achieves and it’s absolutely nothing. Americans have never been more culturally sensitive or polite and racial inequality is still at an all time high and Donald Trump could still be a two term president. Political correctness doesn’t solve any of this nation’s underlying issues with hate, it just makes it easier for bigots to camouflage their cultural indiscretions with good manors until the next election. I’m as appalled by racism as any other leftist, I just don’t think we’re doing dick to correct it by becoming a bunch of censorious church ladies.

With all that junk in mind, when I first heard about the hottest thing in identity politics, Critical Race Theory, my natural primordial instinct was to roll my eyes and say “Here we go again.” On the surface, CRT appeared to be another tool of corporate diversity training. Some set of culturally sensitive rituals Fortune 500 companies can perform to throw sensitive lefties off the trail of all the Black people they poison in the Niger Delta just to make their stock price move up half a point. But once I actually dug into the meat and potatoes of this school of a thought I discovered there was nothing particularly politically correct about it and that, if anything, its opponents were the real champions of cancel culture.


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  1. This is an excellent example of the fundamental unseriousness of anarchists. In a real civil war, I would assume this person would run to whichever authority figure was closest.

    Again – someone claiming to be an “anarchist” is relieved that … Donald Trump didn’t win a second term. Their claim of how history is taught in the US is a lie, just a full out bald faced lie – it wasn’t even like that when I was in school in the 1980’s.

    Their understanding of “whiteness” is shallow, even childish, and to wrap it all up, it isn’t even a critique of “Critical Race Theory” – which this person clearly doesn’t understand at all – but instead it is a complaint that Republicans are the real Cancel Culture!

    So, it’s just a typical Democrat, posturing as an “anarchist.” Also notice the constant “SJW” Tumblrism, “genderfuck,” etc. This is pure lifestylism. Green hair, facial piercings, etc. This is just a consumer subculture, not a political movement.

    Also, the narcissism. Fully the first third is the author discussing what a Special Snowflake xe is.

    Critical Race Theory comes from the infamous book, The Authoritarian Personality. Why do people not discuss this anymore? Back in the early 2000’s, it was common for the left to mention this groundbreaking work.

    But now they are strangely silent. It seems they are quite embarrassed by it now. I mean – I know why, but I’ll leave it as an exercise for the reader.

    I understand Preston’s desire for “pan-anarchism” and going beyond left and right. But these people are not political actors, they are, essentially, an entertainment subculture. You’d be better off trying to reach non-political people that are not overtly concerned with narcissistic sexual exhibitionism and unusual hair dye.

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