An Overview of Anarchist Economics with Kevin Carson

This article contains a lengthy interview with anarchist economist Kevin Carson from around 2017. Carson goes into a lot of detail regarding the theory and practice of anarchist economics.

Symbol and Verse

If there’s a political bias to Secret Transmissions, then it’s unabashedly an anti-authoritarian one. While not being an exclusively anarchist blog, the influence of that philosophy and creative spirit is well represented here. It speaks to my early suspicion and distrust of power that grew up around my love of punk rock and subversive art.

Since 9/11, we have witnessed a massive build-up of oppressive and authoritarian governmental actions and executive branch expansions. The drastic erosion of the economy, civil liberties, privacy and a constant state of war has brought us to a morally bankrupt and inevitable Trump presidency. I say inevitable because who else do you wind up with when even a “liberal” rule appears by most measures to be authoritarian? In an environment of corporate control, banker and lobbyist influence, mass surveillance, indefinite detentions, police brutality and so much war, the ground has been well paved for an outwardly nationalist aggressor to take command. The toxic blend of neoconservatism and neoliberalism have created this Frankenstein’s monster. And their will be Hell to pay.


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