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Peter Zeihan on US-China Tensions, Surveillance War and What’s Next

Peter Zeihan is probably the best Sinoskeptic and Russoskeptic that I know of.

Financial Sense

Peter Zeihan, one of the world’s foremost experts on geopolitical risk and author of The Accidental Superpower and The Absent Superpower, discusses the Five Eyes Alliance of global surveillance, China’s attempt to gain a footing with Huawei, and why there was a collapse in trade talks between the U.S. and China last month.

Here’s what he told Financial Sense Newshour listeners on FS Insider last week (see Podcast: Peter Zeihan Discusses Huawei, China Surveillance and Collapse in Trade Talks).

Surveillance and Espionage Concerns

After World War II and into the start of the Cold War, the U.S. built an intelligence apparatus designed to capture electronic communications. The system progressed during the post-Cold War economic boom, growing its scope and creating multiple access points. As this system matured, it expanded to U.S. allies, creating the ‘Five Eyes’ alliance consisting of the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and Canada.

As China ascended to become an economic and global superpower, they decided to create a similar system to compete with Five Eyes. To do this, Zeihan explained, they used Huawei, a Chinese company that eventually became the largest telecommunications company in the world.


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