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The Empires We Will Be Battling Post-Pax Americana

Given that the 75-year Pax Americana seems to be slowly cracking and receding, it is necessary to consider which empires anti-imperialists will likely be facing in the future. I tend to agree with this post from social media:

The likely candidates for regional smaller empires will be: 1) France 2) Britain 3) Turkey 4) Iran 5) Egypt 6) Poland 7) Japan 8) Brazil. The reason why mentioned Poland was that they tried to create regional empires from the middle ages until the 18th century. There existed a Polish-Hungarian Union once upon a time. The conservative side of Polish politics remembers this. Few people remember how the Polish government participated in the 1938 Munich Agreement to get influence over Slovakia and take parts of the former Czechoslovak territory. Poland in its interwar years had a Maritime and Colonial League, projects to create a union of Catholic eastern European states (Poland + Lithuania + Hungary + Slovakia).

These are largely what I regard as the world’s rising nations as well, although I am not as sold on Poland and Egypt, somewhat more skeptical of Britain and more optimistic about Germany, and wouldn’t count Argentina out either. India and Pakistan are not going to be major world powers, but there are likely to be important to the geopolitical future.

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