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Hanson on woke agenda: ‘Top-down movement’ organized by ‘largely wealthy people’

What Hanson is describing here is fairly consistent with the way that a range of social scientists and political theorists have characterized class relations in the present era. The “Left” represents the alliance of the rising forces of digital capitalism and the professional-managerial class (Joel Kotkin’s “tech-oligarch/new clerisy” thesis) and the “Right” represents what Sam Francis called the “old bourgeoisie” (merchant class Chamber of Commerce types) and the “post-bourgeois proletariat” (the conventional working to middle classes, which are now becoming increasingly diversified ethnically while under attack culturally and economically). However, it is important to note that the lower proletariat and lumpenproletariat (the vanguard classes of last year’s insurrection) are outside this intra-ruling class/intra-middle class dichotomy.

Hoover Institution senior fellow Victor Davis Hanson discusses op-ed that calls out the Democratic Party as ‘the party of wealth,’ suggesting Republicans need to make the argument that they’re ‘the party of the middle class.’

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