American Decline

Shocking poll finds many Americans now want to secede from the United States

When the US domestic regime fractures, the US empire will naturally fall along with it. Think of all the other regimes that will fall like dominoes in the process. No more US aid to Israel, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the Gulf States, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkey, or NATO.  The slowing of US investment capital into China and no more US purchases of Chinese, Russian, Japanese, or Saudi loans. No more US propping up retrograde oligarchies in Latin America, Africa, Asia, the South Pacific, or the Middle East. Popular movements in many of these places will have a fighting chance. No more risk of war with Iran. No more drone wars. No more support for the Saudi genocide in Yemen. No more strikes on Syria. No more Big Brother running interference for Israel.

By Adam Barnes, The Hill

Support for secession is growing among every partisan group in the months following the Jan. 6 riots at the Capitol but particularly among southern Republicans, a new poll found.

Bright Line Watch, in conjunction with YouGov, found that citizen support for their state or region to secede from the U.S. is greatest in the South “where support was already highest (and has the greatest historical precedent).” Overall, 37 percent of respondents indicated a “willingness to secede.”

Support among southern Republicans grew from polling conducted in January, which showed 50 percent were in favor of secession. But the number leapt to 66 percent in June.

“By this summer, we anticipated, political tempers may have cooled — not necessarily as a result of any great reconciliation but perhaps from sheer exhaustion after the relentless drama of Trump,” the group wrote in an analysis of the survey’s findings.


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