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Greening Out & Friends #27 – MK Lords on The Wacky World Of Internet Feminism


Caity and Dan welcome MK Lords to the show. We begin by chatting about Tumblr (and how scary it can be) and the crazy feminists that Caity and MK found there, feminism, anarcha-feminists, Emma Goldman, prostitution, South Park, female quotas and how to get women in the military so they can kill people with drones too!

We talk about ‘white guilt’ and the nonsense of why people should have to bear the sins of their ancestors. MK tells us what ‘micro aggressions’ and ‘man spreading’ are and putting women’s rights in the west in context in regards to some other countries.

Caity tells us about her time working with women in Sri Lanka, how the media tells us of what they have “done for women” in countries like Afghanistan but women’s rights in other places such as Saudi Arabia are ignored. Dan can’t help himself and brings in strong women characters in old European folk and fairy tales and theories of matriarchal society in ancient Egypt and what matriarchal societies may have existed.

The conversation moves on to the idea of rape culture and the dangers of applying the term to countries where no such culture exists. The awfulness that is Germaine Greer, if some feminists have mental issues and the nonsense of middle aged men telling young women what to do with their bodies.

We talk about the rape cultures in the police and military that are real, slut walks and the people who are standing up to rapists in places like India.

The Rotherham sex scandal in England then comes up, the men’s rights movement and the dangers of spending all your time in an echo chamber. At the end we talk about solutions to the madness we find ourselves embroiled in in the modern western world.

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  1. I actually saw a video by lords where she says she buys the already debunked Duluth Model. Defending the Duluth Model is the think that differenciate the insane feminists from the same ones. I am glad she doesn’t write here anymore.

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