Robert Stark interviews The Truth Will Live

Robert Stark interviews The Truth Will Live

The Truth Will Live



The Truth Will Live is a Blonde Jewish, Neoreactionary, Iconoclast, Youtuber from the Midwest.

Topics include:

The Torah Talk  Show she co-host with Luke Ford that relates modern day issues to Jewish Religious Texts

How she grew up in the Conservative Denomination of Judaism

Her interest in converting to Orthodox Judaism and the aspects that appeal to her and the aspects that don’t

Whether she should create her own religion

How she went from an Atheist Feminist Liberal  to a Reactionary

How her exposure to censorship and intellectual and moral hypocrisy caused her to adandon the left

How her views on Race and Gender Changed

The concept of an in-group vs. out-group identity and whether there should be a balance

Her interest in Neoreactionary and Dark Enlightenment Politics and how those movement’s attract creative types  and former leftist who do not fit into the stereotypical conservative mold

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