Police State/Civil Liberties

Iranian TV Network BANNED By US Government

I saw this coming after Marzieh Hashemi’s arrest about a year and a half ago, and I started distancing myself from them because I figured a wave of repression was coming. After the riots last year, it seemed the Bidenists and neocons were attempting to replace Trump with a ruling class unity regime that would begin purging all opposition, a process that was made a certainty after January 6. Right now, they’re purging Trumpists and the dissident right from the military, using “defund the police” as a cover for nationalizing/federalizing law enforcement, bringing the “war on terror” to the domestic US, and targeting their right-wing and left-wing opposition for repression. For example, CSIS (a national security think tank associated with the “super-power-elite” for lack of a better phrase, i.e. the Kissinger types) reports have specifically referenced a list of anti-system forces they wish to suppress, including “Islamists” (which is probably what made Press TV a target).

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