Congresswoman Lauren Boebert has a history of minor arrests, court no-shows

This raises my respect for her immensely.

By Justin Wingerter, The Denver Post

Congressional candidate Lauren Boebert — who often espouses a pro-police, law-and-order message on the campaign trail — has been arrested and summonsed at least four times over the past decade, records show.

While the three arrests and one court-ordered summons were for petty crimes — and in one case all charges were dropped — Boebert’s record is unusually long for a congressional candidate. It has become a campaign issue as the Republican from Rifle competes in a highly anticipated contest against Diane Mitsch Bush in the 3rd Congressional District, which spans western and southern Colorado.

“I’m proud to be endorsed by my hometown sheriff, Lou Vallario, who knows the strength of my character. The summary here is a small fine, not charged, charge dismissed, charge dropped,” Boebert said Thursday, referring to the outcomes of her four cases. “In the meantime, Diane Mitsch Bush is intent on socializing our healthcare.”

Boebert’s first run-in with police was in the fall of 2010, after a neighbor, Michele Soet, alleged that Boebert, then 23, was harassing Soet and Soet’s husband. The alleged harassment occurred in the days after Soet called police because Boebert’s pit bulls were loose and threatening the life of her dogs.


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